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Legislation for Foreign Citizens residing in the Russian Federation for the purposes of Business and Labour

Regulations Governing Health Care of Foreign Citizens in Russia


Regulations Governing Health Care of Foreign Citizens in Russia

Regulations governing health care of foreign citizens in Russia are defined by Resolution #546 of the Government of the Russian Federation of September 1, 2005.

Medical care is provided to foreign citizens in any medical institution that is federal, municipal or private care facility.

Emergency and ambulance medical care is provided to foreigners for free and without delay. Emergency medical care is provided to foreigners in all state and municipal medical care facilities, and attended to by medical care professionals, first responders and police officials. These institutions and persons are obligated to provide medical care to a foreign citizen when his or her life is threatened due to accident, trauma, injury, poisoning or other reasons.

Once emergency medical care has been rendered and the foreign citizen is released, a foreigner can be provided with on-going medical care for a fee.

Foreign citizens who have temporary and permanent residence are insured via a compulsory medical insurance program. Costs associated with medical care are paid not by the patient, but by the medical insurance provider. Funds for a medical care program are derived from mandatory health insurance premiums that are paid by:

· Employers for their employees;

· Customers and licensees in the name of natural persons who are their contractors, authors or licensors;

· Entrepreneurs or barristers representing themselves.

To receive medical care under the compulsory health insurance system, a foreigner must obtain a medical insurance policy from a certified medical insurance provider and show it each time when he is seeking medical attention.

The amount of medical assistance under the compulsory health insurance system is limited. For additional health care a foreigner must pay for medical services provided, or opt in to a voluntary health insurance program (purchase medical insurance).

Special rules governing payment for medical service are established for foreigners, who are Highly Qualified Specialists and members of their families according to Federal Law of 25.07.2002 № 115-FZ "On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the RussianFederation". Even when such foreigners have temporary or permanent residence in Russia, they are not considered as being covered under the compulsory health insurance system. Payment of medical care services for such persons is the obligation of their employers (customers).

Foreigners temporarily staying in Russia without either kind of residency status are eligible for free emergency care only. Payment of other medical services is the responsibility of the foreign citizen. They can request payment for medical services be made by the person who invited them to Russia (inviting party) or may at his own expense purchase health care or medical insurance.

When a foreigner citizen is applying for a medical plan, a doctor may request a statement of medical history, data from previous clinical, radiological, laboratory and other tests. In addition, it is necessary to remember, medical records in Russia are maintained in Russian only.

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