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Registration of Foreign Citizens on the Territory of the Russian Federation

Approved obligatory requirements, which are estimated by the Federal Labor and Employment Service during control activities


The Federal Labor and Employment Service’s order approves the lists of acts that contain obligatory requirements, compliance with which is estimated for the control (supervision), activities carried out by the Federal Labor and Employment Service.

The order provides legal acts used by the Federal Labor and Employment Service in the implementation of:

• supervision of compliance with labor law and other normative legal acts containing norms of labor law;

• supervision and monitoring of normative legal regulation by  public authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation in terms of the social benefits to citizens, recognized as officially unemployed;

• monitor the provision of state guarantees in the field of employment in terms of social support of the unemployed;

• monitor the implementation of the requirements of the private employment agencies to carry out accreditation activities to provide employees;

• supervision and monitoring of social benefits to citizens, recognized as officially unemployed;

• monitor the activity of bodies of trusteeship and guardianship for disabled adults or for those who are in some measure physically challenged;

• control over the procedure for  establishing the degree of occupational disability as a result of industrial accidents and occupational diseases;

• control (supervision) in the field of social services;

• monitoring the activities in providing  state social assistance to the citizens in the form of social services.

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