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Registration of Foreign Citizens on the Territory of the Russian Federation

7.5 billion of delayed wages paid at the request of labor inspectors


Rostrud conducts systematic work supervising the timely payment of wages to employees, taking prompt measures to bring the perpetrators of violations of employees' rights to justice.

In the course of control and surveillance activities conducted by Rostrud and its territorial authorities in January-May of this year, 180,000 violations of labor legislation were revealed, which about 43 thousand are related to the issues of the payment of wages.

As a result of the measures taken by Rosrud, over the course of 5 months of 2017, it was possible to achieve repayment of wage arrears amounting to more than 7.5 billion rubles representing 498 thousand employees.

It should be recalled that the following liability is provided for non-payment or delay in the payment of wages:

- a warning or a fine of up to 20,000 rubles may be issued against an official,
- in relation to individual entrepreneur - up to 5 000 rubles.,
- in relation to legal entities - up to 50 000 rubles. (Part 6, Article 5.27 of the Code of Administrative Offenses).

Moreover, in the event wages are not paid out for personal interest, with respect to the employer,  criminal liability is provided for in the form of imprisonment:

• up to 1 year - for partial non-payment of wages over 3 months;
• up to 3 years - for full non-payment of wages over 2 months (with possible deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities for the same period).

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