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Registration of Foreign Citizens on the Territory of the Russian Federation

New amendments to the Labor Code have been adopted


The State Duma adopted a law according to which the internal labor regulations or an employment agreement may stipulate that a lunch break may not be provided to an employee if the duration of established daily work (work shift) does not exceed 4 hours.

In addition, a regulation has been introduced in accordance with, and by agreement of the parties to the employment contract, that both daily part-time and weekly part-time work can be established for employees simultaneously, including dividing the working day into parts (the current version of Part 1 of Article 93 of the Labor Code did not provide for the possibility to establish the two variants of part-time work in an employment contract).

The new version of this article also specifies the features of the part-time work regime for:

- pregnant women,
- single parents,
- persons caring for a sick family member.

Part-time working hours for these categories of employees are established for a convenient period, but not more than for the period of the existence of circumstances that are grounds for establishing part-time work. In this case, the mode of working time and rest time is determined in accordance with the wishes of the employee and taking into account the conditions of production for this employer.

In addition, changes relate to the account for overtime hours worked. So, according to the new edition of the Labor Code on holidays and weekends, work performed in excess of the normal working hours and paid for in an increased amount or compensated by the provision of another day of rest will no longer be counted as overtime work, payable in an increased amount.

Also, it has been established that payment in increased amounts  for work on weekends and holidays will be made to employees only for hours actually worked, including holidays, for which part of the work shift will occur.

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