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Registration of Foreign Citizens on the Territory of the Russian Federation

The quota for recruiting foreign employees in 2018 will be reduced


The Ministry of Labor of Russia has prepared a draft resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation on establishing a quota for the issuance of invitations in 2018 for foreigners entering the Russia in order to carry out labor activity.

The Ministry proposed to reduce the estimated number of foreign employees by almost 37,000 people compared to 2017 and determine the need for the recruitment of foreign specialists in the amount of 140,423 people (the quota for 2017 was set at 177,043 people).

It is assumed that the need for foreigners will decrease in the following categories:
- heads of institutions, organizations and enterprises and their structural units - up to 6,000 people,
- skilled employees in commodity agricultural production, forestry and hunting, fish farming and fishing – from 5 to 100 people,
- employees engaged in mining, construction and repair and construction work - from 78,600 to 44,600 people.

At the same time, the quota for foreign employees in the metal-working and machine-building industries, on the contrary, may increase from 10,900 to 14,800.

This demand to reduce the number of quotas for 2018 is formed taking into account the current situation in the labor market, the demographic situation, the principle of priority use of national labor resources, and the opportunities for settling foreign citizens.

It is assumed that the corresponding quota volumes will satisfy the demand of employers in recruiting qualified employees, the implementation of investment projects, including those required for the FIFA World Cup in the Russian Federation in 2018.

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