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Registration of Foreign Citizens on the Territory of the Russian Federation

New requirements concerning the entry of HQS foreign employees in the Russian Federation


The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia approved the requirements for a proposal on the entry of highly qualified specialists (HQS) in the Russian Federation and the interaction of state agencies when preparing a business visa.

The corresponding order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia approved the requirements for the content and mandatory requisites for a written proposal for the entry of a highly qualified specialist into Russia.

These requirements relate to proposals from employers for entry to the Russian Federation for a foreign citizen who is a HQS for an initial discussion of the conditions for carrying out employment activity in the Russian Federation.

The requirements are as follows:

- the proposal is made in Russian on the letterhead of a legal entity that is the employer or customer of works (services);
- the proposal should contain information on the vacancy for which a foreign citizen or stateless person has been invited who has declared himself as a HQS
- Any planned employment agreement entered into with a HQS must include the basic working conditions and social guarantees specified in a draft employment agreement.

Also, the order approves the procedure for the interaction of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation, its territorial agencies at the regional level and diplomatic missions or consular offices of the Russian Federation when a Russian business visa is issued to a foreign citizen or stateless person and valid up to 30 days.

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