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Registration of Foreign Citizens on the Territory of the Russian Federation

About necessary measures which the employers inviting foreigners have to take


Since January 16 the employer is obliged to undertake measures for observance by the foreign citizen of the purpose of entry into the Russian Federation and also its timely departure from the state.

At the same time, the concrete operations procedure for employers was not defined.

In this regard the Ministry of Internal Affairs prepared the new bill which provided the following measures:

• The employer will be obliged to notify the foreign citizen on need of complete observance of the purpose of entry into the Russian Federation by him and also on responsibility for violation of an established procedure
• The inviting party or its representative will need to hand the notification to the foreigner when he reaches residence.
• The employer will need to keep in contact with the foreign citizen during its stay in the territory of the Russian Federation by means of phone or e-mail. The organization determines communication frequency independently.
• The employer is obliged to remind the foreign citizen of need to leave the country not later than 10 days before the termination of validity period of the visa as follows: personally, by mail with the assurance of receipt, the e-mail.
• At clarification of the fact of neglect by the foreign citizen of rules of stay in the Russian Federation, or emergence of the circumstances interfering departure, the employer is obliged to notify the Ministry of Internal Affairs not later than in 5 working days.

The bill is submitted for public discussion at the moment.

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