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Registration of Foreign Citizens on the Territory of the Russian Federation

Regarding the introduction of amendments to the Russian Labor Code about employment contracts and about holding employees to a system of disciplinary responsibility


The Government of the Russian Federation suggests correcting a number of provisions of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation connected with the conclusion, change and termination of employment contracts; and in addition concerning the involvement of employees in a system of disciplinary responsibility.

According to the federal draft law "Regarding the  Introduction of Amendments to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation" the following changes are proposed:

• The possibility of extending a fixed-term employment contract within a five-year period on the basis of an agreement between the employee and the employer;
• shortening the period for notifying an employee of future changes in the employment contract for reasons related to changes in organizational or technological working conditions to one month. In this case, if the employee refuses to continue work due to changes in the terms of the employment contract, he will be paid compensation in the amount of the average monthly salary;

It has also been established that if an employee submits an application for unplanned vacation (not provided for by the vacation schedule) less than 3 working days before it starts, the payment is made within the period established by agreement of the parties, but no later than 3 working days from the date of application.

Regarding holding employees to a system of disciplinary responsibility, the draft law provides that within the one-month period established for the application of disciplinary punishment, the time of illness of the employee, his/her stay on leave, the time of rest for work and other periods of absence of the employee is not included, when the place of work (position) remains and the time required to take into account the views of the representative body of the employee.  

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