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Registration of Foreign Citizens on the Territory of the Russian Federation

Regarding obtaining the confirming registration of the employee in the system of personal record-keeping by the employer


The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation has clarified the cases in which the obligation to receive the document confirming registration in the system of the personified accounting for the worker is assigned to the employer.

In accordance with the amendments to the Federal Law, Pension Fund authorities no longer have an obligation to issue certificates of compulsory pension insurance to insured persons.

At the same time, the Federal Law on Personalized Accounting in the Mandatory Pension Insurance System stipulates that the employer is obligated to receive documents confirming registration in the personalized accounting system in the Pension Fund authorities (hereinafter - PFR) and issue them to the insured persons with the signature of the insured person.

In this regard, the Ministry of Labor explained that to open an individual personal account the citizen is obligated to submit to the PFR  the corresponding application – personally through the employer or through the multipurpose center for Public and Municipal Services.

Within 5 working days, the PFR makes a decision on opening a personal account, and is also obligated to notify the person of the results of his/her registration in a personalized accounting system by sending a document confirming registration and containing information on the insurance number of an individual personal account (SNILS).

If submission of documents was performed by an individual through his/her employer, then informing and issuing the document confirming registration in the system of the personified accounting is performed through the specified employer.

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