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Registration of Foreign Citizens on the Territory of the Russian Federation

Regarding the obligation of employers to ensure necessary conditions for vaccination of foreign employees against measles in 2020


The resolution of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation earlier established the obligation of employers to provide measles vaccination to all foreign employees in the company by 31.12.2019, regardless of their status and citizenship in Russia.

According to the Decree of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation that came into force in December 2019, the obligation to ensure vaccination is also established for 2020. The employer must also take measures to ensure vaccination from 01.01.2020 to 31.12.2020.

At the same time, foreign employees may, at their own discretion, either undergo vaccination or provide documents confirming that vaccination has been carried out at an earlier date, or refuse to undergo vaccination by providing a written refusal, certified by the doctor of the medical institution.

The employer should also report on measles vaccination to the territorial body of Rospotrebnadzor at the location of the organization until December 31, 2020, providing a consolidated report on the status of each foreign citizen with respect to vaccination.

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