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Registration of Foreign Citizens on the Territory of the Russian Federation

The Law Firm LEVINE Bridge Becomes the Legal Services Consulting Firm for PASSPORT Magazine


On the 15th of June 2011 the leading journal for foreign citizens in Russia, Passport, and the law firm of LEVINE Bridge concluded a cooperation agreement in which the team of legal specialists from the firm will contribute on a regular basis columns to the publication.

PASSPORT Magazine is one of the most popular publications for foreign citizens residing in Moscow. In this regard, the team of experts at the firm of LEVINE Bridge who specialize in immigration, labor, corporate and tax law will publish monthly articles on relevant issues with the intent to simplify and clarify legal matters as it relates to foreigners living in Russia. Also, for readers of the journal, it is an opportunity to gain access to legal advice from the authors submitting questions on related topics to the editorial staff of the journal or submitting via email questions to LEVINE Bridge.

“We, along with PASSPORT Magazine, have one common goal, and that is to be a resource for foreign citizens living in Russia, said the CEO of the firm LEVINE Bridge, Elena Ogawa. This cooperation is intended to provide a clearer and more detailed understanding of legal system in Russia, ultimately helping foreign citizens who are residing here to be more informed and comfortable”.

The recent edition of PASSPORT Magazine can be purchased in locations as indicated on the website, or as well as at the company office of the firm LEVINE Bridge.

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