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Registration of Foreign Citizens on the Territory of the Russian Federation

Review of Russian Migration Legislation Changes from February to November, 2011


The law firm LEVINE Bridge prepared a new Review of Russian Migration legislation changes from February to November, 2011. This Review includes the following questions:

1) Changes in the procedures of registration by the place of residence in the Russian Federation for foreign citizens and persons without citizenship

2) Special rules for Highly-Qualified Specialists on migration registration have been established in the Russian Federation

3) Changing of the arrival notification form for registration foreign citizens in place of stay in Russia

4) New rules of foreign professors and research workers’ employment in Russia

5) Termination of documents reception for CIS citizens’ work permits for a period up to 3 months

6) Simplification of obtaining work permission documents for employment of French citizens in Russia

7) Foreign citizens’ obtaining medical certificates regarding the absence of HIV at state medical institutions

8) The abolition of state duties for registration at the place of residence (living) in Russia for participants in voluntary relocation programmes in Russia

9) Mandatory pension insurance for foreign citizens

10) The abolition of work permits in the Russian Federation for citizens of Kazakhstan

The specialists of our company note that in 2011 the majority of migration law alterations have been accepted in February and concerned mainly the issue of foreign citizens’ migration registration and deregistration in the Russian Federation. The new rules were established for Highly-Qualified Specialists. The procedure of inviting foreign professors and research workers for labor activity in Russia was facilitated. The order of French citizens’ employment was simplified. At the same time a number of strict rules were established for foreigners obtaining work permits.

You can find this Review in the section “Library” at our web-site. Also we would be glad to send you an electronic version of this text via e-mail. You may send us your request to

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