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Registration of Foreign Citizens on the Territory of the Russian Federation

Changes to the Rules of Migration Registration for Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons


The Government of the Russian Federation has accepted the changes to the rules of migration registration for foreign citizens and stateless persons.

In accordance with the governmental decree N 106 from February 9, 2012 which stipulates that as of July 1, 2012 foreign citizens (or stateless persons) are not obligated to provide documentation confirming their right to use of living accommodations.

Previously, a foreign citizen (or a stateless person) had to simultaneously submit, along with the application for registration, a temporary or permanent residency as well as documentation confirming the right to use of living accommodations.

Now information regarding the right to use of living accommodations is only necessary to be specified in the application for registration. And as was the case previously, a foreign citizen must also provide a document that proves his (her) identity.

However, this only applies to those cases where documents containing information about the right to the use of living accommodations is within the management of bodies that provide state and municipal services, other state bodies and local governments, as well as the subordinate state agencies or local government organizations involved in providing state or municipal services.

In the event of a failure to provide the documentation confirming the right to the use of living accommodations the procedure for registration is extended. This is due to the fact that the officer of the territorial authority of the FMS has accepted an application for registration and is obliged to request the relevant documentation (information about the content of the documents confirming the right of use of living accommodations) in the authorized agencies.

The duration and direction of the answer to the given request can not exceed 5 business days from the date of its receipt by the appropriate authority. Upon the receipt by the authorities of the requested documents on registration, a notation is affixed not later than the next business day.

In all other cases, the list of documentation provided in conjunction with the application for registration, as well as placing a notation on the duration of registration, remains unchanged.

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