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Registration of Foreign Citizens on the Territory of the Russian Federation

Increasing the Effectiveness of the Program to Assist with the Voluntary Resettlement to Russia


On the 14th of September the President of the Russian Federation signed the decree On the implementation of the federal program to assist with the voluntary resettlement to the Russian Federation of compatriots living abroad”.

The decree is meant at increasing the effectiveness of the State program and the creation of additional conditions for the voluntary return to Russia of compatriots living abroad.

To ensure the effective implementation of the resettlement program it is planned to decide the following tasks:

· The implementation of monitoring of potential participants in the program, the progress of their resettlement on the territory of the Russian Federation, social Security and medicare;

· Development of regional programs of resettlement as well as resettlement projects;

· The creation of the required conditions to institutions of a civil society for the facilitation and implementation of such programs.

The Interdepartmental Commission on the implementation of the state program will now have additional functions and powers. A meeting of the commission will be held as needed, but at least once every six months.

The decree carries the following changes in the procedures of the organization for resettlement:

· An expanded concept of territory invasion - now to the area will include the entire territory of the Russian Federation, not just part of it. The list of priority areas for the invasion will be determined by the Government of the Russian Federation.

· In the category of what constitutes “family member” to a resettlement program, it shall include grandparents, adult brothers and sisters as well as adopted children.

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