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Registration of Foreign Citizens on the Territory of the Russian Federation

Simplified admission to citizenship of the Russian Federation of foreign entrepreneurs and investors


Russian Ministry of Economic Development has identified economic activities, the implementation of which the individual entrepreneurs and foreign investors are entitled to receive a simple Russian citizenship.

In order to attract foreign investments into the Russian economy, a simplified procedure for Russian citizenship applies to foreign entrepreneurs and investors who are engaged in activities provided by the National Classification of Economic Activities, with some exceptions.

Among the exceptions are the following activities:
•    Wholesale and retail trade;
•    Repair of vehicles;
•    Operation of hotels and catering;
•    Real estate transactions;
•    Recruitment and employment of staff;
•    Advertising, law and accounting.

These exceptions are due to the lack of need for further engagement of new participants in these activities.

We remind you that the legislation also provides for the possibility of granting citizenship of the Russian Federation in a simplified manner:
•    For foreign entrepreneurs who carry out business activities in Russia no less than three years before the date of application for admission to citizenship of the Russian Federation. In this case, the annual revenue from the sale of goods or works and services in this period should not be menshe10 million rubles;
•    For foreign investors, whose share of the contribution in the authorized (share) capital of a Russian legal entity at least 10%. The amount of the authorized (share) capital of such entity and the size of its assets must not be less than 100 million rubles or the amount paid by the entity in tax to the budget system of the Russian Federation and compulsory insurance payments shall not be less than 6 million rubles a year for at least three years from the date of investment (see. claim. "g" - "h" h. 2 tbsp. Federal Law 14 of May 31, 2002 № 62-FZ "On citizenship of the Russian Federation").

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