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Registration of Foreign Citizens on the Territory of the Russian Federation

Quota for issuance of permanent residence permit in the Russian Federation for 2015 was established


The Russian government has determined quotas for obtaining temporary residence permits in the Russian Federation for foreign citizens in 2015.

For 2015 quota was established of 126,055 temporary residence permits in Russia. The quota was determined on the basis of the proposals of the regional executive bodies and prepared to take into account the situation of migration and the economic situation in each particular district of the Russian Federation.

Please refer to regional distribution of temporary residence permits quotas:

-  38,100 permits in Central Federal District w (including 8 thousand in the Moscow region, 3 thousand in Tula and Kaluga regions, 2.5 thousand in Lipetsk and Belgorod regions),
- 11 075 permits in the North West Federal District (including in the Kaliningrad region - 4 thousand, in St. Petersburg and Novgorod region - 1.5 thousand).
- 6600 permits in  Southern Federal District,
- 8400 permits in the North Caucasus,
- 23 750 permits in Volga Federal District,
- 8380 permits in Ural Federal District,
- 20,070 permits in Siberian Federal District,
-  7780 permits in  Far Eastern Federal District,
- 1900 permits for the Crimean Federal District.

In the government's reference it was noted that the adoption has been set in order to improve the effectiveness of regulation of migration processes and ensuring the uniform application of the legislation on the formation and establishment of quotas for the issuance to  foreign citizens and stateless persons temporary residence permits in the whole of Russia and for each region.

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