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Registration of Foreign Citizens on the Territory of the Russian Federation

Changes in the rules and procedures for hiring highly qualified specialists (HQS)


The publication of Federal Law № 56-FL was to improve the procedures by which HQS are recruited.  This law changed the procedures in calculating the wages and employment breaks of foreign citizens who are classified as highly qualified specialists.

According to the adopted law, recognition of a foreign citizen as a highly qualified specialist now is done on the basis of monthly salary.  Earlier, the basic criterion for classifying a foreign specialist to this category was annual level of his/her salary (remuneration).

Thus, according to these changes,  a foreign citizen may be deemed a highly qualified specialist  as one who has the experience, skills or achievements in a particular area of activity and receives the following salary:

• not less than 83 500 rubles per calendar month:

- foreign citizens - scientists or lecturers, in case invited to engage in research or teaching activities  

- foreign citizens employed by residents of industrial production, tourism and recreation field, or special port economic zones

- foreign citizens  who are recruited by legal entities  in the Crimea region and Sevastopol

• not less than 58,500 rubles per calendar month:

- foreign citizens involved in the work by residents of technology-innovative special economic zone (except IE)

• not less than 167,000 rubles:

- others foreign citizens

The law also establishes the requirements to the level of wages of HQS upon employment breaks in the Russian Federation.

If breaks in working activities are related to the illness of an employee, vacation without pay or other circumstances, and if during the period of such breaks wages were not paid or not provided in full, the aggregate amount of the wage of a foreign employee for 3 calendar months during the reporting period shall be a third of the sum of the monthly amount of his or her wages. In this case, the condition of hiring highly qualified specialist to work in Russia in terms of salary shall be deemed to have been met.

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