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Registration of Foreign Citizens on the Territory of the Russian Federation


On the visa-free border crossing between Russia and Belarus for foreign fans attending sporting events
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The bill on the possibility of restrictions in the sphere of migration has been approved
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Regarding the creation of a register of foreign citizens working under a patent
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New procedure for maintaining the employment book record
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Quotas for the recruitment and hiring of foreign employees, as well as for work permit and invitations to enter the Russian Federation in 2018 have been changed
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The Ministry of Internal Affairs offered to increase the term for the placement of foreign citizens for migration registration during the FIFA 2018 World Cup for up to three days
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Notification of payroll for HQS
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New rules for the entry of Russian citizens to Ukraine
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The Ministry of Internal Affairs approved the form and procedure for notifying the Ministry of the Interior on the work of foreign citizens employed in the Russian Federation
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Russian citizens, who work abroad, will be able to receive salaries in foreign currency
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The bill on the right of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to define the order of deportation of foreign citizens is approved
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About the extension of the term of stay of foreign citizens who arrived in the Crimea until 2014
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The procedure for adopting decision on suspending the issue of a patent by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has been determined
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About the procedure for issuing a prohibition to employer to hire High Qualified Specialists (HQS)
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Tighten of penalties for employers, who obstruct in choosing a bank for calculating salaries
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A new procedure for issuing work permits and permissions to recruit and hire foreign labor has been approved
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The procedure and schedule for accepting applications for the recruitment and hiring of foreign employees in Moscow
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A new procedure for changing the term for foreign citizens temporarily staying in the Russian Federation
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Registration of patents resulted in 1.5 billion rubles added to the capital region’s budget
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Responsibility for non-compliance with the terms of the collective agreement on indexation of wages
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