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Procedures for the processing of work permits of foreign citizens arriving in Russia (not requiring a visa)

Industry practice

The Law firm of LEVINE Bridge provides comprehensive legal services to Russian and foreign companies operating throughout the Russian Federation.  Our primary focus is offering our clients the highest standard in legal services with Reliability, Security and Confidentiality with respect to privileged client information – that is why we are consistently chosen by clients from a variety of business sectors; clients who are all leading players within their respective industries.  

Oil and Gas Industry
LEVINE Bridge’s team of legal specialists helps domestic and foreign business navigate through complex legal matters.  We provide expert legal opinion on a wide variety of critical and sensitive issues related to labour, immigration, corporate, tax law and other areas of the law related to activities within the oil and gas sector.  

The Legal practitioners of LEVINE Bridge are pleased to offer their services in support of projects within the mining industry.  Our legal professionals with years of experience have an in-depth understanding of the current business environment, developments and future trends in the industry.  We offer effective legal protection for our clients, always defending their interests and their business activity. 

Pharmaceutical Industry
In providing comprehensive legal support for pharmaceutical companies, the firm of LEVINE Bridge is sensitive to the fact that our clients require up-to-date legal information; and we are keen to deliver our services with experience and skill in making informed legal decisions.  For our clients engaged in the Pharmaceutical Industry we assist them in the design and implementation of a competent legal policy.      

Investment-Banking Sector
Due to the heightened risk exposure for companies engaged in the Investment and Banking sector, they are particularly in need of a comprehensive and competent legal strategy; a strategy that is tailor made to meet their exact needs and designed to the specifics of their industry.  The Legal team at LEVINE Bridge possesses the qualifications, utilizing many years of practice experience through a broad range of legal services that is reassuring to our clients and building confidence and trust in us.    

Real Estate and Construction
In real estate transactions, the legal practitioners at LEVINE Bridge based on specific knowledge of civil law, in addition to land, tax and regulatory nuances as it relates to real estate developments and construction, all decisions are taken into account with the purpose to improve management procedures, to foresee any potential legal and or tax risks, and to optimize business procedures.

LEVINE Bridge specialists have experience with leading international and Russian companies active in the telecommunications market.  Legal support for telecom clients includes advising on legislation and regulation as it pertains to licensing, examination and registration of documents, representation to public authorities and in the court system. Our commitment is to provide legal counselling to the highest professional standard.  

LEVINE Bridge has qualified, experienced specialists providing legal services to clients within the Insurance industry, providing full legal support for financial and economic activities of these enterprises.

Consumer Sector
Our lawyers with years of experience and understanding, and who have specialized with a variety of business ventures within the consumer sector, offer a package of services to companies which include providing for production, sales, advertising, and the import-export of consumer goods and services.

Clients of LEVINE Bridge, irregardless of the industry in which they are engaged, receive from us Quality Legal Services.  The legal team at LEVINE Bridge has consistently demonstrated a profound knowledge of all aspects of the law in which we practice.  And based upon our extensive legal practice, and the use of modern legal technologies, we continually strive to further hone our professional skills.

"... It is worth noting not only the professionalism of this company, but their focus on results ..."
Manager of a large multinational hotel chain.  

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