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Employees of micro-enterprises will work without employment record book


The Ministry of Labor intends to allow the employees of micro-enterprises to work without a work record book. In the long term, experts of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” predict they can be cancelled for other workers as well.

The employment record book will be replaced with conventional employment agreements, in which and upon an employee’s dismissal, the date and reason for the dismissal will be recorded. If it is important for the employee to have it entered into the employment record book, the employer can do it, but will not be obligated to keep it at the office. Employees will be allowed to keep employment record books at home.

Such amendments to the Labor Code will start to regulate labor practices especially in micro-enterprises with a staff of up to 15 people. Employers are permitted to not adopt local rules and regulations, which are usually prescribed for all the nuances of a business enterprise. We are referring such things as the provisions regarding salary, work schedule, holidays, paid annual leave, labor protection, and the training of workers. All these details will be fixed within the provisions of the employment agreement.

The standard form of the employment agreement will take into account all the relevant conditions, including the obligation of the employer to provide a safe working environment, provide the employee with the necessary equipment and personal protective equipment, to organize, if necessary, carrying out of preliminary medical examinations, indemnify, and even regularly raise salary etc.

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