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Changes in the list of non-quota positions for foreign workers


On the 17th of February 2016, the Russian Ministry of Justice registered a project, Order of the Russian Ministry of Labour, extending the list of non-quota positions of foreign workers, adding to it nine positions.

From the list of excluded three professions:

- Guide-interpreter,
- Translator,
- The guide.

The list of professions (specialties, positions) of foreign nationals - qualified professionals, where quotas for the issuance to foreign citizens arriving to the Russian Federation on the basis of visas, work permits, do not apply, supplemented by the following 9 professions (specialties):

- Director (Head) of the hotel (camping, pension)
- Director of the tourist base
- Instructor - Methodist in tourism
- Manager (catering and hotel services)
- Food and Beverages Supervisor
- Travel Organizer (excursions)
- Translator technical literature
- The head of a group (the club on interests of the collective, amateur associations, clubs, studios, tourist groups)
- Chef-cook

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