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An audit plan of organizations and individual entrepreneurs for 2017


An audit plan of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs for 2017 has been approved. The plan is available on the official website of the Prosecutor General's Office (http://plan.genproc.gov.ru/plan2017/).

Prosecutor General's Office places the master plan of economic entities inspections each year on the basis of data provided by the authorities, but the tax audits are not included in the plan.

In order to find out whether an  inspection  on the legal entity or entrepreneur is planned, you need to enter the following information  into the search box (you can restrict yourself with one or more points):

• BIN;
• INN;
• name of the organization or individual entrepreneur’s name;
• month of the inspection;
• name of the body of state control or supervision;
• address of the inspected object.

If the economic entity is to be inspected in 2017, the search results will reflect the subject of inspection and its duration.

Since 2017 there is another form of inspections, such as test purchase, which will be held on the grounds provided for unscheduled inspections without prior notification to  the legal entity or entrepreneur. Therefore, the consolidated audit plan contains no information about the planned inspection.

It is necessary to recall that small businesses take regulatory holidays  up to 31 December 2018, if over the course of the  last 3 years they did not commit  any gross violations, planned inspections are will not be carried out against them.  

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