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444 800 violations for compliance with labor legislation are identified in the audits of organizations for 2016


The state control and the supervision of labor legislation by employers is one of the main competencies of the Federal Labor and Employment Service.

Thus, according to the results of inspections for compliance with labor legislation by the Federal Labor and Employment Service for 2016, 444, 800 violations have been identified, 108,600 of which have been associated with employment payroll.

According to the results of the supervisory activities, local agencies of the Federal Labor and Employment Service issued 86,500 orders about elimination of the revealed violations to employers. According to the ministry, 2.6 million employees regained their labor rights.

At the same time more than 958 thousand employees in the execution of orders of inspectors received delayed wages. The total sum of these payments amounted to more than 22.9 billion rubles.

The combined plan of inspections on compliance with labor legislation of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs for 2017 is available on the official website of the Federal Labor and Employment Service (www.rostrud.ru/control/soblyudenie-zakonodatelstva-o-trude/?CAT_ID=8143).

The plan presents data on 14.9 thousand organizations which will undergo planned inspections. In most cases, the period of time (20 days) and the type of inspections (documentary, visiting and so on.) are defined.

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