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The bill aimed at protecting the rights of seasonal employees has been approved


The Commission on Regulation of Social and Labor Relations approved a bill aimed at protecting the rights of seasonal employees who arrive at another locality to carry out work, especially in the case of work in remote areas with limited transport accessibility.

It should be noted, that work is recognized as seasonal, if the performance of it is limited due to climatic and other environmental conditions, usually six months).

The draft law provides for the mandatory inclusion in the employment agreement of special working conditions for seasonal employees, namely:

The conditions associated with the relocation of seasonal employees residing in another locality to the place of employment and returning to the place of residence at the end of the term, or the early termination of the employment agreement, depending on the grounds for its termination.  

In this case, the employer is obliged to reimburse the seasonal employee the costs associated with the movement between the place of employment and place of residence, provided that these conditions are stipulated in the terms of the employment agreement.

Unless otherwise established by the Labor Code or other regulatory enactments, the specific amounts of reimbursement for expenses related to relocation to the place of seasonal employment  and return to the employee's place of residence are determined by:

- a collective agreement or;
- a local regulatory act or;
- an employment contract.

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