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Migration inspections will be conducted on the basis of a risk-oriented approach


The Government of the Russian Federation has amended the Regulations on the Implementation of federal state control (supervision) in the sphere of migration, currently, migration inspections will be conducted on the basis of a risk-oriented approach.

According to this resolution, during the planned inspections of employers attracting foreign citizens, employees of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs are obliged to use checklists that include questions regarding mandatory requirements in the sphere of migration, compliance with which is conditioned by the state's security.

Conducting scheduled inspections in respect of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, depending on the risk category assigned to their activities, is carried out with the following frequency:

• once a year - for an extremely high risk category;
• once in 2 years - for high-risk category;
• once in 3 years - for a significant risk category;
• no more than once in 5 years - for the moderate risk category;
• no more than once in 10 years - for a low risk category.

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