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Regarding the creation of a register of foreign citizens working under a patent


The Russian Ministry of Labor presented a draft law that proposes the creation and maintenance of a register of foreign citizens who have arrived in Russia under particular rules that do not require obtaining a visa and can carry out labor activity on the territory of Russia on the basis of patents.

The following information is planned in this register:

• registration number of the account;
• name, date of birth, gender;
• citizenship (citizenship - nationality);
• the purpose of entry into the Russian Federation;
• series and number of the passport or other document proving the identity of the foreign citizen and recognized by the Russian Federation as such;
• the declared term  of stay (residence) in Russia
• date of registration at the last place of residence and its address;
• date of registration for the last place of stay and its address;
• profession (specialty, position, type of work);
• series, number and date of issue of the patent, issuing authority and the territory of its operation;
• TIN;
• providing a foreign citizen with government services to assist them in finding suitable employment and the result of his/her employment activity.

In addition, the leaders of the subject regions  of the Russian Federation can get the right to approve the list of professions (specialties, posts, types of work), with the indication of which  patent can be issued, patents with the indication of other professions will not be issued.

It is also planned that regional authorities will be authorized to decide on setting limits on the granting of patents on the territory of the given subject region of the Russian Federation. If the limits are exhausted, applications for the granting of a patent will be refused.

If the law is adopted, the changes will come into force as of January 1, 2019.

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