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Making changes in the migration registration of foreign citizens


The new Federal Law # 161, dated 27.06.2018 "On Amendments to the Law on Migration Registration of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons" amended the concept of "host party".

Henceforth, a foreign citizen is subject to registration at his/her  place of stay:

- at the address of a dwelling, which is not his/her place of residence, in which the foreign citizen actually resides;

- at the address of a hotel or other organization that provides hotel services, a sanatorium, a rest home, a boarding house, a children's health camp, a tourist base, a campsite or to a medical organization or social service organization, etc.;

- at the address of the organization in which he/she, in accordance with the established procedure, carries out labor or other activities that are not prohibited by legislation of the Russian Federation, and in the event of actual residence, at the address of the specified organization or in the premises of the specified organization that does not have address information (structure, construction), including temporary.

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