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Regarding the introduction of an electronic service record


The project regarding the introduction of electronic service records will be submitted for public discussion.

As it pertains to this, it is proposed that, all information about employees (hiring, dismissal, and transfer to other place) will be sent to the Pension fund exclusively in electronic form.

Employees will be able to fully monitor all records which are made by the employer, as well as send data to their employer in electronic form while working remotely at another location.

In addition, norms on granting employers the right to maintain obligatory personnel documents in electronic form only are being studied. This applies to employment contracts, vacations, accounting of working hours and documents on labor protection.

As it pertains to this, according to Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation, a number of important decisions must be made in the IT field (the transfer and storage of contemporary records, maintaining electronic documents, resolving legal disputes, and the protection of personal information).

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