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Defined objectives of migration policy for the next 7 years


The Russian President approved the Concept of the state migration policy for 2019 - 2025.

The concept of migration policy for 2019-2025 is focused on the fight against marginalization and spatial segregation, and registration of state identification documents for stateless persons.  

There will be adjusted conditions for the voluntary resettlement of cultural and artistic workers, doctors, and also engineers, businessmen and farmers will be adjusted. In a priority order, financing for the resettlement of our compatriots for permanent residence to Russia on territory having priority for settlement will also be carried out.

Ensuring transport coherence in regional areas, and the formation of an affordable housing market which will reduce the apparent disproportion in the distribution of the population.

In the framework of this concept, it is planned to develop and improve the mechanisms for the recruitment of foreign workers and also to expand the use of biometric technologies within the framework of migration control.

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