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Regarding the compulsory collection of funds from the accounts of unscrupulous employers


The Government of the Russian Federation took the legislative initiative to create rules for the  expeditious collection of funds from accounts of unscrupulous employers in order to fulfill the obligation of the employer to pay wages, but not unpaid employee salary and (or) other payments which are carried out within the labor relations.

According to the bill, the decree on the initiation of enforcement proceeding by the court bailiff is issued simultaneously along with the resolution on the collection of enforcement fees, as well as requested information from banks and other credit organizations about the existence of debtor accounts in banks and their details.

If the debtor has any accounts in the bank or any credit organization, a court order is sent to collect, involving the immediate transfer of funds to the account of the execution creditor.

It has been established that enforcement proceeding for the execution of the decision on the recovery of funds is subject to termination in the following cases:

• Full repayment of debt to the claimant
• Absence within a period of 2 months of money on an account of employer, sufficient for execution of the decision on collecting

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