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Regarding carrying out special assessment of work in the organizations of small business and Individual Entrepreneurs


Ministry of Labor have been specified a number of the conditions for carrying out special assessment of work in the organizations of small business and Individual Entrepreneurs which are mentioned below:

• A work assessment is to be carried out at all employers. According to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, an employer is a physical person or legal entity who has concluded an employment contract with the employee.
• The IE in whose subordination there are no employees, hired per an employment contract, – is not subject to inspection.
• The IE whose working collective is on behalf of any specialists and depends on outsourcing and does not take permanent work location, - is not subject to inspection.
• Employers whose workplaces didn’t reveal any violations after a special check are required to submit a declaration to the State Labor Inspectorate within 10 days - it is valid for 10 years, subject to further observance of the order and safety of working conditions.
• On new work places inspection period is established for 12 months.

It is necessary to mention that special mechanism for the prevention of violations of the mandatory requirements of the legislation on special assessment of working conditions comes into force. This mechanism provides guidance to the employer on the inadmissibility of violations, as well as setting deadlines for their possible elimination.

In the event of non-fulfillment by the employer of the regulations, administrative responsibility and corresponding sanctions are imposed on the employer.

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