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About changes in the list of non-quota positions for the employment of foreign citizens


The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation issued draft of the Order that include some changes in the list of professions (specialties, positions) of foreign citizens - qualified specialists who are employed in their chosen profession (specialty) and to whom quotas for issuing work permits to foreign citizens does not apply.

Based on the proposals of the executive authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, taking into account the presence in the labor market of relevant specialists, abuses by employers and activities to protect the national market, the following professions are excluded from the List

1. Quality Engineer
2. Manager (catering and hotel services)      
3. Food and Beverage Supervisor
4. Translator of technical manuals and literature
5. Head Chef –Cook

At the same time, on the proposals of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, given the acute shortage of qualified personnel due to the inevitable development and modernization of consumer goods manufacturing by purchasing modern foreign equipment and increasing production rates, the List includes:

1. Mechanic at a sewing facility
2. Service technician at a sewing facility
3. Operator of digital sewing systems
4. Operator of digital sewing equipment, and special automated sewing equipment
5. Warehouse inventory accountant (the nomenclature of materials) in the system of identification of bar code designation.

On the basis of the offers received from the companies of fuel and energy industry, the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation suggested to include the following professions in the List:

1. Foreman in the  repair of processing and technical equipment
2. Operator process units
3. Repairman of process units
4. Electrician on repair and service of electric equipment
5. Engineer on relay protection and automated equipment
6. Engineer on tests and measurements;
7. Program engineer
8. Calculation and Mode Engineer  
9. Control engineer

According to the results of the monitoring of the needs of key sectors of the economy of the Far Eastern Federal District up until 2025, conducted in 2018, the Ministry of Eastern Development has proposed to include the following professions in the List:

1. Production Technologist of  machines and equipment
2. Machinist in open-pit  mining operations

In addition, taking into account the analysis of occupations (specialties, positions) carried out by the Federal Service for Labor and Employment, for which a large number of vacancies are posted, but there are no unemployed citizens who have the necessary requirements for employment, the List includes:

1. Pediatric  surgeon
2. Otorhinolaryngologist
3. Phthisiologist

Altogether 19 positions.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation submit requests to the interested federal executive bodies and executive bodies of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation.

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