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Regarding granting of pregnancy-related absences for childbirth and maternity leave for child care


The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation has explained the question as it relates to the order on the granting of maternity leave and child care.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection specified that orders usually cover such decisions as:
• standard character;
• operational issues;
• organizational issues;
• personnel issues;
• issues of internal activity of the organization or Individual Entrepreneur;
• the acceptance of facts on the work/termination of the employment agreement;
• as well as disciplinary punishment.

At the same time, the legislation does not contain any special regulations obliging the employer to issue the order when granting an employee maternity leave for childbirth or leave for child care.

It would be worth noting that, the lack of this requirement was also confirmed by specialists at  Rostrud earlier.

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