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Regarding simplification of the procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship for residents of LPR and the DPR


The President of the Russian federation signed the decree on a statement of the simplified order for obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation by residents of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) and the Luhansk People's Republic (LPR).

This change is established in connection with current situation and a difficult situation of citizens of Ukraine, and also persons who are without citizenship living on the territory of LPR and the DPR.

It is planned that the acceptance of documents of these people will be carried out through authorized persons from LPR and the DPR on the territory of the Rostov region where there are all necessary conditions in the form of material resources.

The term for considering the application for citizenship of the Russian Federation will be up to 3 months. In the event there is a positive determination regarding the decision of citizenship on the territory of the Rostov region to specified persons, a Russian Federation passport will be issued, also, if desired, it will be possible to receive the identity document of the citizen of the Russian Federation outside the Russian Federation (international passport).

Residents of the DPR and LPR will need to provide the following documents for the request for obtaining citizenship:

• LPR/DPR passport  with a registration in this territory;
• Marriage certificate or divorce documents (in the presence);
• The document verifying change of a surname, a name or middle name (issued by the REGISTRY OFFICE of the DPR and LPR );
• Passport of the citizen of Ukraine (internal or foreign);
• The birth certificate of the child (minor children will be able to obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation on the basis of the parents  as the mother or the father).

At the same time, as the press service of the DPR reports a rejection of Ukrainian citizenship to the Ukrainian consulate is not required.

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