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Regarding the signature on the cover page of the employee service record


The question was put to the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation concerning whether or not it would be required to sign the  cover page of the employee’s service record with the personnel officer’s full name (Name, Surname and Patronymic) or would a simple signature suffice.  

In response to this question, the Ministry of Labor and Labor of Russia, referring to clause 2.2 of the instruction manual for labor records, explained that the employer responsible for the initial issuance to the labor book worker stamps the organization and the signature on its title page should be “legible”.

At the same time, according to state standard specification P 7.0.97-2016 the signature includes the name of a position of the person signing the document, handwritten signature and printed (initials, a surname). And in such understanding of the signature it becomes clear what is required to be specified is, for it to be “legible".

We will note that specialists of Rostrud in turn recommend including a surname of the person responsible for its maintaining in the considered column of the cover page of the service record.

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