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Regarding increasing of responsibility for employers who prevent employees from choosing a payroll bank


The State Duma of Russia adopted in the third reading the draft laws developed by the Ministry of Labour of the Russian Federation, with regard to amendments to the Russian Labour Code and the Code of Administrative Offences regarding the right of an employee to replace the credit organization to which salary is deposited.

The above draft laws provide for the following amendments:

- increasing  the period during which the employee must inform the employer of a change in his/her  credit organization, up to 15 calendar days before the date of payment of wages (at the moment, according to the Labour  Code of the Russian Federation, this period is five working days before the date of payment of wages);
- Introduction of administrative responsibility for preventing employees from exercising their right to change their credit organization to which their salaries are deposited.  

The following fines are provided:

- for officials - in the amount from 10 thousand to 20 thousand rubles;
- for persons carrying out entrepreneurial activity without formation of a legal entity - in the amount from 1 thousand to 5 thousand rubles;
- for legal entities - in the amount from 30 thousand to 50 thousand rubles.

Thus, it is assumed that the measures to define the responsibility of the employer and increase the period for advance notification of the employee of a change of bank will contribute to the establishment of a balance between the rights of the employee and the employer in this matter.

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