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Regarding approval of the form of notification of departure of a foreign citizen from the place of stay


The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation has approved the form of notification of departure of a foreign citizen or stateless person from the place of stay, as well as the list of information contained in the notification, the requirements for its registration and the procedure for sending the notification to the migration registration authority.

The form may be used to remove from the register a foreign citizen for whom the employer - the receiving party - has terminated the employment contract or otherwise has lost his or her employment contact.

Notification can be submitted to the territorial body of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where the foreign worker is registered at the place of stay, as well as through the Multifunctional Center for Рrovision of State and Municipal Services, or by mail. In the latter cases, it will be necessary to provide a notification form in two copies.

In addition, the Ministry of Internal Affairs explained that, as a general rule, the notice of departure of a foreign citizen by the receiving party is sent at its own discretion, except in cases of departure of a foreign citizen from:

• organizations in which the foreign national carries out his or her labor activity on a rotational basis and at the address of which he or she is registered at his or her place of residence;
• hotels or other organizations providing hotel services;
• from a sanatorium, rest home, boarding house, children's health camp, from a tourist base, from  camping;
• medical organization rendering medical aid in stationary conditions;
• social service organizations providing social services in a stationary form, including persons without a fixed place of residence;
• from an institution that carries out criminal or administrative punishment.

We would like to remind you that according to Article  23 of the Federal Law "On migration registration of foreign citizens and stateless persons in the Russian Federation" dated 18.07.2006 N 109-FZ, the removal of a foreign citizen from the registration at the place of stay is carried out in the case:

1) registration of a foreign citizen at his or her new place of stay;
2) departure of a foreign citizen from the Russian Federation;
3) the death of a foreign citizen in the Russian Federation or the entry into force of a court decision on the recognition of a foreign citizen who was in the Russian Federation, is unknown or declared dead;
4) establishing, in accordance with the procedure determined by the federal executive body in the field of internal affairs, the fact of fictitious registration at the place of stay;
5) Departures of the foreign citizen from a place of stay, except for the cases provided by points 1 - 4 of the present part.

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