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On the introduction of electronic labor books


RF Pension Fund reminds us that in 2021, labor books will be kept only in electronic format without a paper labor book. This innovation will affect all those who will be employed for the first time in 2021.

This transition is voluntary and is carried according to one’s own discretion, the exception will be citizens who first found a job in 2021 - their information will initially be in digital format.

It will be possible to view the information in the user's personal account on the website of RF Pension Fund or on the portal of public services, you will be able to enter the personal account through the application via phone.
If it is necessary to obtain a paper copy of the employment information, a paper copy can be requested from the former or current employer, as well as from the municipal services office or RF Pension Fund.

During 2020, citizens of the Russian Federation, who are currently employed, can submit an application to the employer in any form to keep a paper work record book. In this case, the employer will continue to include information about his or her work in the paper labor book in addition to the electronic labor book.

Those citizens of the Russian Federation who by the end of 2020 do not submit an application for the keeping of a paper labor book to the employer, the labor book will be handed over. In 2021, information on the employment of these citizens will be kept only in digital format.

Electronic labor books, which the RF Pension Fund informs about the transfer to, will contain a number of advantages:

• Reducing employers' costs of purchasing, maintaining and storing paper labor books;
• Easy and fast access to information about work activities for employees;
• Minimization of erroneous, inaccurate and unreliable information on labor activity;
• High level of data security and safety;
• Use of electronic labor books for public services.
• Additional opportunities for distance employment;
• Distant registration of pensions on the basis of personal account data without additional documentary proof.

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