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Regarding state registration of births of children of foreign citizens


In order to register the fact of birth of children of foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation (to obtain a birth certificate), it is necessary to submit the following documents to the state body:

1. The document confirming the fact of birth of the child. It can be:
     • Document of the stated form of birth, issued by the medical organization, the doctor of which rendered medical assistance during childbirth or which the mother applied to after childbirth, or by the person engaged in private medical practice (privately practicing doctor), during  childbirth outside the medical organization;
     • A document of the established form of birth issued by a medical organization regardless of its organizational and legal form in which the birth took place;
     • Statement of the person who was present at the birth, regarding  the birth of the child - at the birth outside the medical organization and without the provision of medical care.
2. Certificate of marriage of the parents, if any. If it is in a foreign language, it must be legalized (apostilled) and translated into Russian by a notary public;
3. Document certifying the identity of a foreign citizen or stateless person;
4. Document confirming the fact of registration of a foreign citizen (parent).

State registration is carried out by the civil register office at the birthplace of the child or at the place of residence (stay) of his parents. You can also apply for this procedure to the center "My Documents".

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