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Regarding compulsory dactyloscopy and receiving of electronic ID by foreign citizens


The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia proposed to make it obligatory for foreign citizens staying in the country for more than 1 month to give their fingerprints, take a photo, be examined by a doctor and get an electronic ID.

It is announced that the ID card will contain the following data of the foreign citizen:

- Full name;
- Year of birth;
- Place of birth;
- QR code;
- Number of the card;
- Holographic map.

The chip, which is built into this card, in its turn will have the following data:

- Information on the driver's license;
- Information on a work patent or a permit;
- Invoice tax identification number.

In addition, it is planned to set up a possibility for foreign citizens to change the purpose of entry into the Russian Federation without leaving the country, as well as to refuse paper migration cards in favor of their electronic versions. All the above amendments are planned to be made to the law "On the legal status of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation".

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