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Regarding the resumption of documents’ acceptance for obtaining business visas in the visa center of Germany


According to the Consulate General of Germany in Russia, it became possible to obtain business visas for the following categories of applicants:

- Business trips of individual entrepreneurs and hired employees;
- Exhibitors and participants of exhibitions;

The entry as a business specialist or a highly qualified specialist is based on the confirmation of the need for personal presence in Germany (for example, on the basis of an employment contract) and the substantiation that the activity of this employee is necessary from the economic point of view and the work cannot be postponed or performed from abroad (certificate from the employer/customer of work). You should bring the documents proving this fact with you during your trip and show them at the border control.

It is also fixed that the submission of documents in cases that are exceptional, should be previously agreed with the German Consulate by contacting by e-mail: doku@mosk.diplo.de.

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