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Regarding the new regulation on monitoring compliance with the Russia labor legislation


From July 1, 2021, the Draft Regulation on monitoring compliance with labor legislation, developed in accordance with Article 3 of the Federal Law "On State Control (Supervision) and Municipal Control in the Russian Federation", comes into force.

The draft regulation separately identifies the officials authorized to make decisions on the conduct of control (supervisory) activities:

• Head of Rostrud - Chief State Labor Inspector of the Russian Federation and his deputy;

• Head of the territorial body of Rostrud - the chief state labor inspector in the subject of the Russian Federation and his deputy.

This project identified the following objects of control over compliance with labor legislation:

• activities, actions (inaction) of any employers, organizations that carry out a special assessment of working conditions;

• buildings, premises, structures, linear objects, territories, including water, land and forest areas, equipment, devices, objects, materials, vehicles and other objects owned and / or used by employers, organizations that carry out a special assessment of working conditions.

It is planned that, decisions on assigning the activities of objects of federal state supervision in matters of employment  to a certain risk category will be made annually until July 1 of this year for their application in the next calendar year. The criteria for classifying the activities of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who are employers to a certain risk category remain unchanged.

The draft regulation provides for preventive measures that include:

• informing,

• generalization of law enforcement practice,

• warning announcement,

• consulting services,

• self-examination,

• preventive visit.

According to the draft new regulation, it is proposed to establish the following control (supervisory) measures:

• inspection visit;

• raid inspection;

• documentary verification;

• on-site inspection;

• monitoring compliance with mandatory requirements;

• field examination.

The draft law proposes to reduce the period of on-site and documentary inspections to 10 working days, while establishing some exceptions.

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