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Regarding the special legal regime for foreign students


At the meeting of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on July 5, 2022, a draft law was adopted that establishes special legal regime for foreign citizens studying in Russian state universities under higher education programs.

After the adoption of the law and its entry into force, foreign students will have the opportunity to obtain a temporary residence permit for the purpose of obtaining education separately from other applications. The validity period for such a permit is equal to the period of study plus next 180 days in case the enrollment in the university and training under the program is confirmed.

At the same time, such a regime will be in effect when transferring to another university and there will be no necessity for the registration to be removed upon leaving Russia.

Please note that after the adoption of the law, foreign students with a temporary residence permit will no longer be required to take an exam in Russian language, knowledge of history and the basics of Russian legislation, as well as to submit an annual notification confirming residence.

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