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Compulsory Examinations in the Russian Language, Russian History, and Basics of the Russian Legislation Will Be Introduced for Foreign Citizens


Since November, 2012 for all foreign citizens employed in the field of housing and communal services, trade and consumer services compulsory examinations will be introduced in the Russian language, Russian history, and basics of the Russian legislation, whereby the successful completion will enable foreign citizens to engage in labor activity in Russia. The introduction of compulsory examinations is designed to ensure a more effective social adaptation and integration of migrants into Russian society and at the same time will contribute to easing tensions and prevent threats of interracial harmony.

The examinations will be compulsory for all foreign workers, except for those who are Highly-Qualified Specialists.

A foreign citizen submitting an application for the issuance of a work permit or extension of the already granted permission to work in the fields of housing and communal services, trade and consumer services will be required to provide a document proving knowledge of the Russian language.

Such documents are the following:

1. A state approved document supporting the completion of education issued by an educational institution in the state which was part of the USSR up until September 1, 1991.

2. A state approved document supporting completion of education issued by the educational institution in the Russian Federation after September 1, 1991.

3. Certificate of passing state testing in the Russian language (at least at an elementary level of proficiency) is issued in due course.

Certificate of state testing of foreign citizens in the Russian language will be issued by the educational institutions approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in Russia as well as abroad.

Currently, Russian universities and foreign educational institutions have established more than 160 centers that have the right to conduct public testing of foreign citizens in the Russian language.

In addition, and pursuant to this requirement, the Government of the Russian Federation up until December, 2012 will develop normative legal acts aimed at strengthening the administrative and criminal liability for violation of migration legislation of the Russian Federation.

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