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Changes in legal status of children of foreign citizens


According to a draft law, it is provided to register information about children of foreign citizens under 18 who came with their parents to Russia. It is planned to complete the list of data on a foreign citizen, collection, recording, storage, synthesis and use of which is carried out with the migration registration. Also it is prescribed to list the information about accompanying persons in case of arrival of a minor foreign citizen in the Russian Federation without a legal representative.

The need for the proposed changes is associated with the lack of complete and accurate information about children of foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation. It forbids establishing the exact number of children eligible for admission to educational institutions; so many children of foreign citizens are not covered by educational activities and therefore have begging or homeless lifestyles.

In addition, it is proposed to include in powers of territorial authorities of the FMS of Russia the duty to refer information on the presence of foreign minors on the territory of the municipal district or city district to local government authorities and juvenile commissions.

Also it is proposed to introduce measures aimed at the enforcement for the discharge of parental duties by foreign citizens, in particular by adding additional grounds for denial or revocation of a temporary residence permit in Russia.

This additional ground can be considered as multiple bringing to administrative responsibility for administrative offense associated with neglect of children.

According to the draft law, a fine from 2 to 4 thousand rubles with administrative expulsion from the Russian Federation or without it should be set for numerous cases of neglecting children.

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