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Changes in the working regime for drivers of vehicles


According to the Order of the Russian Ministry of Transport, duration of daily work or a shift of a driver engaged in transportation on the collector, fire and rescue vehicle can be increased up to 12 hours only if driving time in total during the period of daily work or a shift is less than 9 hours. Working hours of the driver also include transit from the workplace to the venue of the medical examination and back.

Moreover, all drivers shall be given a break for rest and meals for at least half an hour in the middle of the work shift. On long hauls, drivers should be given a special break after the first four hours of continuous driving.

The Order also revises requirements for scheduling of work (or shift) in scheduled traffic in urban and suburban traffic. The graph is compiled for each calendar month, and it sets working days by specifying the beginning and the end of daily shifts, time breaks for rest and meals in every shift as well as weekly rest days.

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