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Liability for organizing the illegal employment of foreigners will be tightened


For repeated violations, organizations in Russia illegally employing foreign nationals or stateless persons will be held criminally liable; and the relevant bill has been submitted to the Duma.

This is an implementation of the employer action for the repeated recruitment of foreign citizens or stateless persons, if they have no work permit or a patent.

Repeated in this sense means, admission to perform work or provide services, or any other employment of a foreigner or a stateless person, if the offender has previously been brought to administrative responsibility for the same offense within 180 days.

Now the criminal sanctions provided for the organization of an unauthorized entry into the Russian Federation of foreign citizens or stateless persons, their illegal stay in the Russian Federation or illegal transit through the territory of the Russian Federation (h. 1 tbsp. 322.1 of the Criminal Code). Sanctions for recruiting a foreign citizen or stateless person to work in Russia in the absence of a work permit or a patent, if such documents are required by law, established in the Code of Administrative Offences.

Thus, the act is punishable by a fine:
•    For individuals, in the amount of 2-5 thousand rubles;
•    For officials - 25-50 thousand rubles;
•    For legal entities - 250-800 thousand rubles or administrative suspension of activity for a period of 14 to 90 days (Article. 18.15 of the Administrative Code).

It is expected that the adoption of this amendment will allow the organizers to stop the illegal actions of employment of migrants and reduce the number of cases of illegal activity.

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