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Russians will have mandatory biometric registration


A draft law n mandatory biometric registration for citizens of the Russian Federation was sent to the State Duma for consideration.

According to the authors of the draft law, mandatory biometric registration will allow authorities to get away from the practice of presenting identity documents and will also resolve issues in the area of law enforcement as well as in the social sphere.

A biometric card will be issued to every resident of Russia and it will contain personal data and biometric information about the person. Personal data stored on the cared will include name, age, place and date of birth, identity documents, fingerprints, palm prints, the results of genomic registration and  information regarding  drug dependence or any other relevant data.

For the collection, storage and processing of fingerprint and biometric data was proposed to create a new department within the Federal Security Service or the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The concept of the draft law has already received approval of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Federal Migration Service and other relevant authorities.

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