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The procedure for the suspension of the issuance of the patent


The resolution of the Federal Migration Service of Russia established a procedure that determines the sequence of steps for the FMS of Russia on providing decision to suspend the right to issue patents to foreign citizens on the territory of the RF administrative district.

The following decision is to be based on reasoned proposal provided by federal agencies executive authorities or senior officials of the RF administrative district.

Central body structural division of the FMS is within 7 working days to consider these reasoned proposals and basing on the decision prepare a draft of the decree on suspension of the patent issuence.

Later on the draft of the decree with addition of all supporting material is to be referred for the legal expertise to the relevant structural division of the FMS authorized to prosecute the following expertise.

This division is within 3 business days to conduct a legal expertise. In accordance with the results of the expertise the division provides decision on the approvement or further revision of the draft.

After the draft receives approval and is signed the central body structural division of the FMS is to send a certified copy of the decree to the territorial body of the FMS located on the territory of the RF administrative district by the following decision denied the right to issue patents. The territorial body of the FMS is within 10 calendar days from the date of the publication of the decree to suspend the issue of patents.

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