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The procedure of issuance of work patents for the foreign citizens by territorial bodies of the FMS of Russia was approved


By the order of The Federal Migration Service of Russia the administrative regulation on providing services on obtaining and issuing work for foreign citizens was approved.

According to these regulation was determined the working order for territorial bodies of the FMS of Russia at the request of the applicant for the following services:

- issuance of a patent;
- reissue of the patent;
- issuance of a patent in order to work on the territory of another region of the Russian Federation;
- issuance of a duplicate of the patent;
- including changes into information contained in the patent.

The applicants are foreign citizens who have reached the age of 18, arrived in Russia without visas and lawfully staying on the territory of Russia.

Acceptance of applicants is carried out according to the schedule:

Monday - Thursday 09.30 - 17.10
Friday - 09.30 - 16.10
Lunch break - 13.00 - 13.45
Saturday - Closed
Sunday - Closed

By order was established the list of required documents to submit by the applicant for the patent issuance (renewal, issuance of duplicate, and others).

The order also establishes a closed list for grounds whereby the application for a patent may be denied:

1. the violation of the requirements for the form and content of the application;
2. the existence of factual errors in the personal data made by the  applicant;
3. the absence of one or more obligatory documents;
4. discrepancy of the documents submitted with the requirements;
5. the applicant stays on the territory of the Russian Federation in violation of the rules of  stay.
6. the adoption of a decision to suspend the grant of patents in the territory of the Russian Federation by the FMS of Russia
7. the adoption by the Government of the Russian Federation of a decision on suspending the  granting of  patents in the territory of the Russian Federation
8. the refusal to issue or reissue patent or the revocation of a patent in the year preceding the date of application;
9. missing the deadline to apply for the re-issuance of the patent.

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